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A general Buyer's Guide to Selecting your Benchtop Material

Whether planning a New Kitchen or Kitchen Renovation, the selection of your Door materials and colour is always a good place to start and then follow on from this by choosing a complimentary Benchtop material and colour. There is more to the selection process than just looking at colour samples if you wish to make an informed decision about your materials. To help you with this process we have put together here in our site several individual pages which discuss the pros and cons to each type of materials available for your new kitchen. While you are selecting the best type of material that best suit your style, purpose and budge and their Pros and Cons. Then once you have decided on the Type of material, then consider their serviceability, their colours, their patterns and their surface textures whereby bringing all these elements together to compliment the overall function and look you wish to achieve.

Moving on from door panels we discuss here a basic selection of different Benchtop materials. As we did with the door materials, we again present these in an order, beginning with the inexpensive, moving through to the High End material types, which are even more resilient. All materials have their advantages and their disadvantages, which we will also touch on as a guide working through the list.

Always remember that none of these Benchtop materials should be cut on ditectly, nor hit with a tenderising mallet for example. Always use hygienic cutting boards for this purpose and preferably use a board that has soft pads underneath to further protect your Benchtop surface. By simply doing this you will extend the life of your new kitchen Benchtops exponentially.



A Kitchen renovation at Prospect by Compass Kitchens featuring a blend of Kitchen Bench tops using Solid Timber Tops as well as Stainless Steel, in a Scandinavian Style Kitchen Design.


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