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     Laminate Doors and Panels
Polytec; Shanon Oak Gloss Laminate doors


Polytec; Maison Oak Ravine and Createc Ultra White Doors

made from a melamine resin coating that overlays a photographic image ...

We may all familiar with the resilient features of Laminate, with its reasonably

high wear, heat and stain resistance, available today in a huge selection of

colours, patterns, and woodgrains. Laminate Doors and panels will have a

plain flat face and are finished off with square edges using a matching edge

strip material (or contrasting) of 0.5 mm melamine strip, or a 0.5 - 1.0 mm

printed PVC or a 1.00 - 2.00 mm lower density printed ABS strip. All these

edging methods produce a Square Edge profile around the whole door.

Factory laminated board can be used for Doors, for end panels and for open shelving. These are made from a thin

hard wearing clear melamine resin coating which overlays a photographic image (of a the colour, or a woodgrain

or a pattern and these are then bonded to both sides of a core panel, being a Particleboard, an MDF or HDF.


Polytec; Strata Grey and Natural Oak Laminates

Factory laminated board is available in various textured and matt finishes, as

well as now being available in Silk and Gloss finishes.


While the lower cost of using Laminate Doors has a distinct advantage, there

are however three downsides with this material, where the first is that you

can't have additional molded decorative detail to the edges or the face. The

second is that these edge strips (especially the thicker ABS) leaves a clearly

visable edge and Joint line around each panel and thirdly the join between

the Laminate board and the Edgestrip is vulnerable to water penetration and

so are susceptible to water damage over time; especially around

dishwashers, kitchen sinks and wet areas like the Laundry, Bathrooms or Outdoors.


Here at Compass Kitchens we only use face boards that have either a Medium Density Fibreboard core (MDF) or

High Density Fibreboard Core (HDF) as opposed to the cheaper chipboard / Particleboard core Laminate panels


We also only ever use the MDF and HDF types that are also Highly Moisture Resistant (HMR), whereby providing

more protection and a longer-life with assured optimum performance in this type of Laminate material.


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