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   Contour Roll-Formed Doors

Contour Edged Roll-Form Laminate Doors and Panels provide an

alternative to square edged laminate panels and offers a panel product

that continues the face laminate and curves (roll-formed) it around and

onto the edges of the panel. This product however can only apply this

curved edge to just Two Parallel edges and therefore still leaves the top

and bottom-edges square and still require the need to have edgestrips

applied; as is required with standard Laminate Doors and Panels and

therfore have the same disadvantages inherent to Doors with edgestrips.

These Contour panels such as the Finedge TM factory roll-formed panels

are laminated front and back and can have two 3 mm quater-round vertical edges which can give

your kitchen a modern look with softer lines; and working particularly well with modern laminate

woodgrains that have unique colours and paterns.

These Edge formed panels are also available with a bevelled edge profile as well as in a

90-degree 7mm quarter round profile where both of these are a great way of reducing some of

the sharp-edge-look to doors, end panels and open shelving.



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