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Our Buyer's Guide to Paint finishes for Doors and Panels.
A painted White Satin Two-Pack Kitchen in the Shaker Style with Absolute Black Granite Benchtops by Compass Kitchens of Adelaide.


A Traditional Hand Painted French Provincial Kitchen in an Off-White with White Granite Benchtops by Compass Kitchens of Adelaide.

  Different types of paint provide various different finishes.

Whether it is hand painted or sprayed, the attraction to this type of finish is clearly the superior protection and durability it provides; being highly moisture resistant all over as well as being wear resistant, easy to clean and decorative being adaptable to all types of cabinetry styles; from Contemporary Modern kitchen styling, through to Scandinavian and on to Transitional through to Federation, Hampton and the Classical French Provincial Style Kitchens, providing the uniform appearance of solid colour in Gloss, Satin and Matte finishes.

Painted finishes offer an infinite range of colours, from subtle fresh pastels to the bright and the very bold. There are various types of paint available today which all have different characteristics.

Pigmented Paints used include Acrylics and Nitrocellulose finishes for Furniture. Modern hard wearing water based Satin Enamels for a traditional hand painted look for Federation Style and French Provincial Style Kitchens and Two-Pack Lacquers for a spotless modern finish in Satin or Gloss used on either; Contemporary, Modernist, Transitional and Scandinavian Kitchen Styles.


A painted Two-Pack Kitchen with a modern White Gloss finish topped with Reconstituted Stone Benchtops by Compass Kitchens of Adelaide.

Most of these paint materials are also available in a range of finishes to add an extra dimension; these finishes include the Matt, Satin, Textured and High Gloss, plus those with a two tone Rub-Through, an Antique Crackle and those of Contemporary Metallics.

The clear design advantage of using this material is that every part of the kitchen, every face and edge can be coated with the very same painted finish, so everything you see matches perfectly in colour and in surface texture while also being semlessly protected.



Hand Painted Hampton Style Federation Kitchen with light Granite Counter Tops by Compass Kitchens of Adelaide

As like with solid timber, the painted finish also allows you more versatility in design by allowing you the ability to add shape, add molding and other design features to your kitchen renovation.


These paint products offer hard wearing, moisture resistant surfaces, which are easy to clean and easy to maintain.


A Satin Two-Pack spray painted Kitchen in the colour Scallopini topped with Caesarstone Benchtops & White Toughened Glass Splashbacks by Compass Kitchens, Adelaide, Australia.


As another distinct advantage of the painted and the polished finishes compared to a Laminate surface is that these materials can always be repaired in the unlikely event of something being damaged.

There is also every chance that you may want to change your kitchen colour in 20 years time; where with paint this can be achieved without having to replace your kitchen's face panels.



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A traditional hand painted finish for this French Kitchen Style with Stone Benchtops & Belfast Sink by Adelaide Kitchen Designer and Manufacturer Compass Kitchens.
Hodder House, Victor Harbor Kitchen, Modern White Two Pack with White Stone Benchtops and Waterfall Ends by Compass Kitchens of Adelaide.

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