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White Splashbacks without distortion using Opti-Clear Glass
Sheet Glass Splashbacks

   A perfect finish to any New Kitchen Build or Kitchen Renovation is an easy to

   clean, 6mm thick toughened Glass Splashback, finished with a two-pack paint

   that is sprayed onto it's back-face so you see the colour through the glass.
Two Colour Glass Splashback
Glass Splashbacks
   These Glass Splashbacks are available in a wide selection of standard colours or they can be finished with

   any custom colour of your choice and these also include metallic finishes.


Illuminated Glass Splashback, Willunga,
Shaped Glass Splashback

   There are two types of toughened glass used for splashbacks, one is optically clear "Opticlear" glass which is

   the most suitable type of glass for lighter colours and the other type is a standard glass which has a slightly

   "green tinge" to it, and is really only suited for darker colour tones if you are not concerned with having a slight

   colour distortion; where this Standard type Glass is slightly less expensive.   Here with this type you can also

   use various types of glass which have a textured surface for added special effect. 
Partial Clear Glass Splashback
Contrasting Glass Splashback

   Your Glass can be shaped and cut to custom contours and have hole cut-outs for power points and other

   fixtures such as curved Rangehoods where required. Recent Technology also now enables us to print a
   photographic image of your choice directly onto the back of your Glass Splashback.  In addition to the

  use of solid colour, metallics, textured Glass and Printed images we can also make mirrored glass


Grey Metallic Glass Splashbacks by Compass Kitchens, Australia.
Textured Glass Splashback
  In addition to the use of Sheet Glass Splashbacks we can also tile, as well as use Stainless Steel

 Sheet, Stone, Reconstituted Sheet or New large sheet Porcelain which is available in several textures,

 Colours and patterns.

Mirrored Glass Splashbacks
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