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    Our Buyer's Guide to Stainless Steel Benchtops for Kitchens.


An Adelaide Kitchen Renovation using Stainless Steel Benchtops and Splashbacks along with additional Stainless Steel custom trim for the fireplaces at Prospect. The Kitchen Design is made in the Scandinavian Style design by Compass Kitchens.

Stainless Steel is a hygienic material which is very hard wearing as well as being Water Resistant Hygienic, stain resistant and Heat resistant, where because of these properties it is used extensively in commercial kitchens.

Stainless tops can however be dented if you are not carful and likewise the surface is also easily scratched, though rarely deep and it dulls off quite quickly with use; however Stainless Steel can be re-finished with machine and fine sandpaper. Over time though if these scratches are left; they combine together to develop their own unique dull grey patina.

In the home situation Stainless Steel benchtops show fingerprints and leave streaks from being wiped over without polishing, which has always been a problem in the domestic environment when trying to keep Stainless Steel tops looking their best. To help overcome this problem, there are now special Stainless Steel cleaners on the market.

Kitchen Sink bowls can be moulded seamlessly into a Stainless Steel Benchtop deck and likewise Cooktop hobs can also be installed in this same way. Stainless Steel is also used as splashback material; with this achieving a modern commercial / clinical look but again takes effort and care in order to keep it looking its best.


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