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Microwave Stealth Shelf


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An important factor behind any kitchen design is that all the appliances be placed in positions that best suit the kitchen's work flow. It is important to also take into account what space they need, how often they are used, how they operate and their ease of access.

In the case of the Microwave Oven, now seen as a necessity in most households, placement is paramount. But the "right" spot for housing the microwave can be a major point of contention among different kitchen designers.

For those who use the Microwave Oven just as a food warmer and defroster, the Kitchen Designer may prefer it to be placed somewhere out of the way because it is not used very often.



For those who cook with a microwave, you may demand it at a comfortable level for easy access, be it on the bench or sat in a tower above a wall oven. Not only can you see what is going on inside at this level, but this also enables easy access; helping to eliminate those accidents which can occur if the Microwave is positioned too high.

The only drawback to placing the Microwave on your bench is that it takes up valuable work space or you may not have an adjacent put-down area close by when bringing out those hot dishes.

That's where Compass Kitchens' new Microwave Stealth Shelf becomes useful; by providing extra valuable pull out bench space. The Microwave Stealth Shelf can sit on an existing benchtop or shelf and can also be fixed down if needed, also making it ideal for caravans, boats, commercial workplaces.



The heat resistant shelf is now produced with full extension soft close runners; providing you even more bench space whereas the Microwave Stealth Shelf's round formed edges and recessed handle makes cleaning a breeze.

The Microwave Stealth Shelf is now available in five different colours being; a Designer White, a Stainless Steel Look, Midnight Black, Antique White and a Baltic Wood Grain finish where all colours are available in the two sizes, the largest being 598mm wide and the other size is 560mm wide. They are all 448mm deep (front to back) and 65mm high.




At only $159.00 (plus P&H) the Microwave Stealth Shelf gives you a safe, heat resistant pullout bench space directly in front of your microwave.

To order; phone (Australia) 08 8556 8494.

For more information you can contact us by e-mail, or phone  08 8556 8494
(International Code + 61 8 8556 8494).


Does Your Kitchen Need a Microwave Stealth Shelf?


Australian Design Registration Number 117717
United States of America Patent Number Des. 364 290
U.K., Singapore, Hong Kong Design Registration Number 2034690
Japanese Design Registration Application Number 23168/95
Canadian Design Registration Number 75521


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