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    Thermaform (Thermafoil Vinyl) Doors and Panels.
Thermafoil Doors by Compass Kitchens, Australia.


Thermafoil doors & panels from Compass Kitchens

Vinyl, vacuum pressed into face mouldings and edges,

This is a type of door that is manufactured by bonding a sheet of special Thermafoil Vinyl onto all its facing surfaces. We vacuum press this special Vinyl into face mouldings, and wrap it over all the edges to make a continuous finish of the face and edges with also provides a moisture resistant seal.

The core material of our doors and panels are 18mm thick, we use moisture resistant board that is pre-stressed medium density fibreboard and this being a material that is well suited to decorative machining. The back faces of these doors and panels can have either a white, or a matching colour / patterned to the face Vinyl, where this produces a resilient, easy to clean panel.

This thermafoil vinyl material is available in a range of decorative Solid Colours, Patterns, Life-like Woodgrains, and there are some Metallic look styles. There is also a variety of finishes to these, such as a High Gloss, a Matt, a Woodgrain Tick, and there is a fine Textured finish.

The Textured finish here clearly performs the best for wear, with the Matt and Gloss requiring a little more care to be taken. The Matt can develop shiny sections on the surface over time due to excess wear, whereas the Gloss and the Matt clearly show up any scratches.


This Thermafoil / Thermaform Vinyl is heat reactive and so it will not withstand really high temperatures such as that from an open oven and due to this, some of the face trim panels in a kitchen design are best made from matching laminate board or incorporate heat deflectors.

We also like to warn people that large Glossy Vinyl door panels have a tendency to bow due to the fact that the Gloss thermafoil is a much thicker Vinly than the Matt and the Textured thermafoils, thus placing extra tension on the front face when it is moulded.

With choosing thermafoil Gloss Vinyl, you also need to be mindful that there can sometimes be a lack of matching board, which would normally be used for open shelving, kicker panels, and divider panels.


If the finish selected does not have a matching Laminate board, then considerable cost can be added to a project where there is a need to press additional double-sided panels to match.

Thermafoil vinyl is chip and impact resistant, it is also stain and moisture resistant, where cleaning is as simple as a quick wipe with a damp, hot cloth. Since the introduction of Thermafoil Vinyl panels nearly 20 years ago, we have come to find that under certain environmental condtions the bond between the Vinyl and the Board can deteriorate over time. The various manufacturers of Vinyl Thermafoil Panels such as Laminex, Formica and Polytec therfore guarantee their product for 7 years.

This Thermafoil material does allow for much more design flexibility than just flat Laminate Board where this sheet Vacuum Pressing  allows the face of your doors and panels to have molded faces and edges, which closely mimic the appearance of two-pack painted solid timber, but at a lower cost.

We offer a huge variety of Door and Panel face designs to choose from. Designs include modern Abstract Patterns, Classic Square, Arched, and Cathedral raised panels. These
also include Country style and Shaker Panels and even a range of traditional Provincial
Bolection Moulded doors and panels.



Thermafoil Vinyl is hard wearing, moisture resistant but not water proof and provides increased versatility that enables you to achieve the look you desire without the higher cost of a two-pack or Hand Painted finish.


Thermafoil Doors and Tasi Oak Benchtops,

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