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Benchtop Materials that Last a Lifetime
Solid Tasmanian Oak Benchtops by Compass Kitchens, Australia.


Benchtop Materials that Last a Lifetime

As we approach the high end of Benchtop materials such as Stone, Timber, Stainless Steel and Acrylic Solid Surface; the relative investment price does not vary a great deal between the various material types available. Due to this, we always like to recommend that you make your selection based on what you like and what suits your application best and not on cost.

Things that you should consider here are the products Colour, Pattern / Feature, and Suitability to the overall "look". It is also important to think about the material's Suitability in relation to how you like to work in your kitchen and consider what care and maintenance these various materials will require.


    Polished Solid Timber Kitchen Benchtops


Solid Timber Benchtops are popular for their versatility; comfortably suiting Contemporary Kitchen styles through to more Traditional Kitchens.

There is a limited selection of suitable timber species for Kitchen Benchtops, where these offer various types of grain patterns and a narrow range of natural colours.

Solid timber Benchtops are popular for their ability to be shaped, as well as for the warmth and character they project, while providing timeless appeal.


Compass Kitchens believes that the keys to a quality timber top, (as with our timber doors), is to use the best Select Grade raw materials. We us the best grade of timbers, adhesives and lacquers. We employ the best construction methods with timely skilled timber preparation. We then polish our timber tops while adhering to a professional Airless Coating System for a quality Two-Pack finish.


We make our tops by gluing narrow timber strips together while alternating grain direction, like a laminated beam. This method makes our solid timber Benchtops stable, preventing these wide benches from cracking, bowing or twisting, while still allowing for the natural movements of timber.

Compass Kitchens use modern clear two-pack lacquers, which are easy to clean, chemical and moisture resistant, hard wearing and available in a variety of finishes from flat Matt through to High Gloss. We also believe it is important that the spray on coating must be continuous over the entire assembled top; and because of this we always polish our larger projects on-site. (As seen here with these Kitchens as well as like the 8 metre Curved Jarrah tops we made in one piece for the Mount Compass Golf Club bar  that we built.)


8mt Curved Jarrah Tops we made at the Mount Compass Golf Club,


As a general rule, one should reasonably expect around 10 years service from our polished Lacquer coatings, where they may then start to dull off. Depending on their condition at the time, one can contract us to cut-&-buff the lacquer back to a high gloss or come back and re-polish these benchtops.

If the tops have been damaged, then we can strip them back, with solid timber we can repair any knocks, dents and scratches; then sand and re-polish your tops, returning them back to their original new condition.

Tasmaian Oak tops and Thermafoil Doors.
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